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Our team of local insiders is eager to share with you fun tips and interesting recommendations on how to make the most of your Cabo experience and just about anything else on our minds.

Journal Entries

Private Events at Marquis Los Cabos

Experience our spectacular event spaces, world-class cuisine and exceptional resort hospitality.

The Spring is coming: Get to Know Cabos Flora

Discover one of the main attractions of La Baja this season, its nature. 

Perfect Venues for Romantic Celebrations

Falling in love is easy when you are in the right place, live a unique experience with our romantic celebrations.

Baja Discover: Cerritos Beach

We tell you what you need to know about Cerritos Beach, one of the best beaches for surfing or just strolling to watch the sunset in Los Cabos.

3 Lessons for Future Meetings

If you want to create an amazing event, there a few new things to consider, we have 3 lessons learned to talk about

Los Cabos: A dreamy romatic destination

Visiting this dream place will be the perfect excuse to live one of the most romantic experiences that captivate your heart.

Wedding Coordinators vs. Weddings Planners

Although they seem to be the same, a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner have different functions, learn more about them here.

Whale Shark Diving Tour

One of the most unique underwater experiences: swimming alongside the most gigantic fish in the world, the whale shark

Travel as one of your top priorities in 2023

Taking care of yourself should always be a priority, is there a better way to take care of yourself than traveling?