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Our team of local insiders is eager to share with you fun tips and interesting recommendations on how to make the most of your Cabo experience and just about anything else on our minds.

Journal Entries

When to visit Cabo? The best time is now

The weather in Los Cabos is known for being pleasant throughout much of the year, making most activities possible at any time

Creating a Romantic Setting: Unforgettable Views

Our suites at Marquis los Cabos are perfects to create unforgettable moments with their uniques views

Discovering Paradise: Santa María Beach in Los Cabos

When it comes to picturesque beaches in Los Cabos, Santa María Beach stands as a jewel in the crown of Baja

Introducing Our Brand-New Image

We are embarking on an exciting transformation, preparing for a new era and a new digital image.

Marquis' Outside Venues

Organizing and enjoying events at Marquis Los Cabos is an experience that blends the sea breeze, the serenity of the ocean, and the natural beauty in a perfect setting. Discover the venues we have for you.

Milestones to Celebrate in Cabo: Embracing Perfect Moments

Life's most cherished milestones deserve an unforgettable celebration, and what better backdrop than the stunning landscapes of Cabo?

Wellness Month at Marquis

Indulge in the ultimate wellness experience here, where the harmony of nature, stunning architecture, and luxurious amenities come together to create an unforgettable vacation.

The beaches you must visit when you come to Marquis

Our hotel is surrounded by some of the most beautiful shores you can find, and here, we'll show you the best ones and what you can do there.

Wedding Anniversaries: The Meaning behind the Gifts

Discover which anniversary gifts are our guests' favorites.