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High angle shot of the Plaza Mijares near Marquis Los Cabos

Next Stop: Baja Sur

Author: Mauricio Hernandez, edited by Julio Larraga

From the sea to the desert in one trip

Planning on visiting Cabo? We invite you to explore beyond our resort, nevermind if it is your first stay.

Get behind the wheel and drive along our own Route 66, known as the "Carretera Transpeninsular". Below, we have mapped out a simple route for you to drive with us on an adventure. 


Start your road trip by taking the first exit towards downtown "Sanjo", as it is known locally. In the heart of the town you will find the Main Square and in front of it, the "Mision de San Jose", considered a pillar of the town's history. Stop by and visit the Art District with its many galleries, each with its personality. Every Thursday between November and June local artists exhibit their work in the downtown streets. It is a good excuse to stretch your legs before resuming your road trip. If you need to recharge your batteries, San Jose's gastronomic offer is full of spice and character. The delicious aromas of the countless types of cuisine will not let you roll up your window. 


Back on the Transpeninsular Highway, a few miles from downtown San Jose is Palmilla Bay and its Blue Flag certified beach. This is where the annual Ironman Triathlon begins and ends. Palmilla is the ideal setting for relaxing, swimming, and sunbathing on the white sand.


The next detour will lead you through a beautiful bougainvillea field to the turquoise waters of Playa Chileno. Immerse yourself in the biodiversity that will leave you amazed by the variety of fish you will find. Chileno is a favorite snorkeling spot for locals. 


The Transpeninsular Highway continues straight to Cabo San Lucas. Home of the famous Los Cabos Arch, the representative icon of the destination which you can see from the highway as soon as you enter the city. A tourist port where the main attractions are the water rides and its beaches: El Medano and Playa del Amor. Visit the Piedra del Pelícano and be amazed by the marine life of the area known as the End of the Earth or "Finisterra". As a curious fact, if you could drive south from this point, the next stop would be Antarctica.


You will return to the road to get out a few kilometers later to visit the local beach that is perfect for surfing in the Baja: Cerritos Beach. This beach is an excellent option for surfing thanks to the impetuous swell of the Pacific Ocean. 


We change the pavement for nature, where you will take a dirt road for a few kilometers to witness an incredible landscape and wonderful sunsets. Punta Lobos got its name from a colony of sea lions that have claimed it as their home. This secret spot maintains a balance between the local fauna and the surfers who visit in search of the eternal perfect wave.


After filling up the gas tank, Todos Santos will be the last detour on your trip. An oasis with an air of another era where the past manifests itself in real-time. The main attraction, the 300-year-old "Mision de Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Todos Santos", will transport you back in time as soon as you set foot inside. Don't forget to stop near the famous "Hotel California" and take a picture of the site that is said to be the inspiration for the famous song by "The Eagles". Throughout the year, Todos Santos hosts different festivals of music, film, wine, and more, making this town an ideal location to visit at any time of the year. 

You have arrived at your destination; unbuckle your seat belt, turn off the engine and enjoy the place. It has been a day full of adventures and discoveries. We hope our recommendations have awakened your desire to explore; Baja Sur has many routes waiting to be traveled. -Mauricio Hernandez. edited by Julio Larraga