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Honeymoon has just begun: First Year Anniversary

Author: AN

One whole year can be in a blink of an eye; but remember, you are still on your marriage's honeymoon.

We know celebrating your first one can be hard to choose; so many things to do and a whole life to spend together; what will be the first-anniversary celebration? For most couples, the first anniversary is the most important of all. We have some ideas for you:

When you first meet sight
Downtown memory lane is always a good idea; there's nothing like coming back when you run into each other. You will need to improve this spot, plan a romantic dinner or make your plan just like the one you first met.

Book a Photoshoot
Now that you are more relaxed planning a fun photoshoot is a perfect time. Go to your favorite spot, a new one like a forest, maybe a beach can be your ideal spot. Perhaps one of these photos can be sent as a funny Christmas Card or be hung on your walls.

Revisit your Wedding Venue
Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life; you get all your loved ones together, dance all night long, look gorgeous, and eat fancy meals. Now it's time to relax and relive it with a more relaxed perspective and closeness as a couple. If you got married at Marquis Los Cabos, it is a great plan to come to visit us and enjoy the resort just both of you.

Plan a Trip
If you haven't been to Baja, this is a perfect time! All who visit Los Cabos fall in love with the destination; you can as anyone, and we all love Los Cabos. You won't meet boredom in this place with so many things to do. This is the perfect trip to make with your loved one; from snorkeling at the Blue Flag Beaches near Marquis to sailing on a Yacht, you can plan an ideal trip with tons of fun things.

Cross Bucket List items
You need to have a bucket list for this type of celebration. Whether you cross out a couple's or your partner's wish, it will always be a good gift. Crossing off the things you want to do is always super satisfying. You can always make this plan, eat dinner and cheer for another year full of love and achievements like the one you have just had.

Whatever you plan to do, be sure to do it with all the love; it does not matter if you stay home and watch your favorite movies or go on a Yacht trip. What matters the most is if you do things together and cheer for your first year of being a married couple. You still have a lot of time and a lot of things to do; I am sure you will find the time to do all that you want to do; there is no hurry.