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Night shot of a lit-up tent near Marquis Los Cabos

Cabo Pulmo Adventures

Author: Erick San Luis

Introducing The Aquarium of the World

Embrace the vibrant spirit of Cabo Pulmo, whether you are swimming beneath the surface or gazing up at the stars overhead. 

Estimated to be around 20,000 years old, the reef of Cabo Pulmo in Los Cabos is considered a national treasure of the Baja California Sur in the Sea of Cortez. It magically hosts over 800 species of marine life, hence its nickname “The Aquarium of the World,” coined by Jacques Cousteau. The ethereal beauty of the national marine park is unsurpassed, giving a peaceful, quiet experience close to nature for visitors. Warm waters, excellent visibility, and absolutely breathtaking underwater encounters drive the two leading activities on the living coral reef: diving and snorkeling. There is no doubt you will come away going eye to eye with some genuinely wild tropical fish species.


Due to its immeasurable beauty and incredible diversity of marine life, snorkeling is a viral activity in Los Cabos. Cabo Pulmo’s sheltered coves provide calm waters ideal for snorkeling. Cruise the waters on a daylong excursion that includes snorkeling and other water-based activities.


World-class scuba diving is a major draw in Los Cabos, highlighted by the 17,571-acre Cabo Pulmo natural reef system. The only hard coral reef is home to over 800 species of marine life. Wreck diving also makes encounters with sea turtles, manta rays, and even whale sharks possible. The best season to dive is during the warm summer months. 


Get in touch with your inner earth spirit and head to the Baja California countryside to do some camping. Sleep under the stars in the East Cape and walk the beach of the Pacific coastline watching the sunset, and then prepare for a fabulously off-road feast.

Though the many attractions draw people to the reef, protection is a priority as you explore along the hallowed waters. Our shared responsibility is to ensure the reef site continues to provide enjoyment and education for generations to come. -E.S.