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First timer's guide to Cabos

Author: AN

If this is your first time in Cabo, you may want to know a few things to make your stay smoother. We've listed some key points for you.

We know you don't need to know everything about every place you travel to, but a little information up front will drastically improve your plans. We've heard some people super excited to come swimming at every beach they set foot on in Cabo, not knowing that not all beaches are swimmable. We've listed a few key things to keep things like this from happening to you.

Side A or B?
"Los Cabos" is translated to: "The" Cabos; plural, as there are two Cabos. Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.
Cabo San Lucas is the more touristy city of both, as there you can find the iconic Arch, swimming beaches, lots of restaurants and clubs for the vivid nightlife. San Jose del Cabo has a more intimate - quiet vibe, an artsy side, and many fantastic restaurants, perfect for friends or couples' getaways. Marquis Los Cabos location is between both of Los Cabos; we are just 20 minutes away from San Jose and San Lucas.

Plan and save!
Cabos is a destination with almost zero last-minute bookings. If you want the best deals, we suggest booking in advance. You will find it easier to manage your trip budget and get everything ready when you get there. Also look for proper transportation; we strongly suggest booking round airport transportation and if you are taking any tour, also ask for the transportation

Are you a swimmer?
Cabos is located between Mar de Cortez and the Pacific Ocean; therefore, there are tons of sea currents, making the beach hard to swim. Most Cabos beaches aren't swimmable, and you can tell just by looking. If you are planning on going for a swim, we have Tequila Cove Beach, a swimmable beach a 5-minute walk away from Marquis Los Cabos. You can also look for Medano or Palmilla Beach, the two most popular beaches for swimming.

Time of the year
Los Cabos is a destination in which each season of the year brings something unique.
Whale-watching tours are only available in winter, the coldest season of the year for the giants to come and mate.
Spring break season is extremely popular in San Lucas, so if you love this kind of party, Spring at Cabos is your type of vacation.
Summer is one of the best seasons for wildlife adventures; camping on Cabo Pulmo is one of the top activities.
For the Autumn, you can find more cultural related topics, enjoy the 15th of September gastronomy or the Day of the Dead altars, always accompanied by the warm heart of Mexican culture, 


We hope this guide makes the decision easier for you on what to do. Anyway, you can always come back at a different time of the year and find a new Cabos.
Like the sea, Los Cabos is never the same as you last saw it.

Oh, I almost forgot; bring sunscreen!