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Los Cabos Halloween party

Author: Mauricio Hernández

Los Cabos Mexico is a unique destination to enjoy all kinds of celebrations year round, this time it's time to fill the streets with hundreds of terrifying costumes.

The beaches, the weather, the food, and the people make Los Cabos an exciting place to visit and celebrate all occasions. On these lines, we will show you how Halloween has become one of the most anticipated dates on our calendar. Now that covid 19 restrictions have given away some ground and we have more freedom to gather with friends, we are all eager to enjoy this iconic night. Keeping in mind the health and safety recommendations, of course.

It is well-documented that Halloween is one of the most popular festivities in North America. In recent years it has also increased in popularity around the world. Especially in places where the English-spoken traveler likes to take vacations. More and more people celebrate Halloween here in Mexico due to the proximity to the US. Especially young generations, we gather to party and organize parades. Some gastronomic and costume tournaments are held, among other activities.

During the afternoon of October 31st, families take their children out for walks and ask for the famous “calaverita” the term we use to ask for candy. Every year in Puerto Paraiso mall, there is a contest for the best costume among the participants. Categories vary by age, and judges and people choose the winners.

In Los Cabos, we love costume parties. We dress up as iconic characters from horror movies, comics, and even video games. Some costumes are made from scratch and proudly shown off by their makers. We all gather with the same idea in mind, to have fun, to laugh and to have few drinks with our friends and colleagues.

Later during the night, people in costumes begin to appear with even more playful outfits. In all Lazaro Cardenas boulevard, the real fun begins. The boulevard is closed for the occasion to give people more freedom to move around. Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs along the boulevard will welcome you with open arms; every place keeps a fun and welcoming atmosphere throughout the night. In some places, different contests will take place where winners can get exciting rewards for their costumes.

The invitation is open to everyone. Especially to those who would love to enjoy the most anticipated festivities during the fall, where you can enjoy high-level cocktails with friends, dance to the rhythm of some of the bests DJs, and above all, have a wonderful time.

If dressing up is not your thing, no problem. Far from being mandatory, the costume is just a minor requirement to enjoy the night. The atmosphere and conviviality in every place that offers hospitality service will be unique, and you will enjoy an experience that you will never forget. Come and share with us a party where creativity, harmony, and kindness make this festivity something truly unforgettable in our beautiful destination.

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