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When to visit Cabo? The best time is now

Author: LEA

The weather in Los Cabos is known for being pleasant throughout much of the year, making most activities possible at any time

So, you can plan a getaway to this paradise whenever it suits your schedule. However, depending on your preferences, there are some dates that might be more appealing to visit. We'll share them all with you!

Spring (March to June):

This is undoubtedly the desert season, with its moderately hot climate. You can easily expose your skin to the sun and engage in all kinds of activities to take advantage of the desert landscapes coming to life with various animal and plant species at their peak. Exploring the desert dunes peacefully on horseback or camel or embarking on an extreme adventure on a motorcycle or ATV are just a few of the many things Cabo has to offer during these months.

Summer (June to September):

If you're on Team "Heat," visiting Los Cabos in the summer season will be the experience you're looking for. During this time, the days have an average temperature of 30°C (86°F) and strong breezes that make the sea a unique experience. This is the season when you can enjoy seasonal dishes made with mango, the fruit that adorns many streets and homes in Cabo.

Autumn (September to December):

If there's a time when the sea comes to life, it's definitely this season. This is when whale sightings and encounters with other species like the whale shark begin—an experience you won't forget. During this time, patriotic festivities and Day of the Dead celebrations are also popular, filling the streets with color and happiness.

Winter (December to March):

Undoubtedly the most popular season to travel to Los Cabos. The reasons? Whales are at their peak, and the weather is ideal for all kinds of water activities—fishing, snorkeling, paddleboarding, and the list goes on, providing plenty of excuses to fall in love and visit us soon. And even better, we're going to give you a tip, book with our stay + sail plan and make sure you have more chances of having an incredible sighting.

So, we won't beat around the bush any longer. At Marquis Los Cabos, we're always waiting for you to choose when to come because, no matter when you visit us, we guarantee that your experience with us will be unique."