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Hotel Policies


• The resort is an adults-only property; any guests or visitors must be above eighteen (18) years old without any exceptions.
• The maximum occupancy per suite is three (3) guests at all times.
• The guest must present the credit card used to make the reservation as part of the check-in process. No cards under a third party not staying on property will be accepted.
• All guests are required to present a valid ID upon check-in for the property to grant access to the premises (a passport or residence permit for foreign guests and INE card for Mexican guests)
• It is not allowed for a third party not staying on property to pay for any additional charges of a guest on site.


It is our duty to inform you that by official mandate, the hotel Marquis Los Cabos All-Inclusive Resort & Spa is a 100% smoke-free establishment. All the people that stay or visit the premises must obey this policy on the spaces indicated by an official signal and in any closed spaces, including the terraces of the rooms and hallways. A penalty fee (USD 100.00) will be charged to anyone who fails to obey this instruction.


The beach is a federal zone that does not belong to the hotel; therefore, the hotel will not assume any responsibility for any activity carried out by our guests at the beach or at the sea. Any service provided by the hotel at the beach is only for the convenience of our guests, and as it is being provided in a federal zone, the hotel shall not be legally liable for any reason whatsoever.  

The ocean is considered a federal zone that does not belong to the hotel. Consequently, the hotel will not assume any responsibility nor shall be legally liable in the event of an accident or incident, whatever the nature that may happen at sea or at the beach. The hotel does not recommend to our guests or visitors to attempt to swim or dive at the ocean in the surrounding area. The guests and visitors swim and/or dive at their own risk. 


• The services of Spa Marquis are not part of the All-Inclusive package offered by the property and they will generate an extra cost for the guests or visitors using them. The services refer but are not limited to the usage of the wet circuit, any treatments or packages available, beauty salon services, and purchases of its boutique.
• Any treatment or service requires prior reservation at least 24 hours in advance.
• It is suggested to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of your treatment or service to avoid any delays in the appointment.