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Best taquerias around Cabo

Author: AN

As a good exponent of Mexican culture, we could not stay behind and we had to share with you our expertise in one of our star dishes, the iconic taco.

If you are thinking about Mexico and food, what's the first thing to top your mind? Ours is TACOS!

This delicious dish is well recognized and admired around the globe, and there is no better place to eat tacos than it is in the local country. 

From tacos al pastor to seafood tacos, here are some of our favorite taquerias around Marquis Los Cabos; for you to eat tacos in the Mexican way.

Gardenias - Cabo San Lucas
With more than 30 years of history, Tacos Gardenias has come up from using plastic tables and chairs to one of the biggest and most popular taquerias in Cabo. One of the favorite reasons to go is their local hand-made tortillas, which give all the tacos a lovely homemade flavor. Try their famous Special Shrimp Molcajete.
The menu includes fish & shrimp, cochinita pibil, and barbacoa.

Tacos Guss - Cabo San Lucas
If you have ever been to Cabo San Lucas, I can secure you have heard about Tacos Guss; if you don't, you do now! A must-visit every time you come to Cabo. Quick service, delicious food & great prices
The menu highlights are burritos, huaraches, tortas, sopes

Tacos El Paisa - San Jose del Cabo
This is what authentic taquerias look like. Close to San José del Cabo downtown, you will find this carne asada taqueria. We suggest you try the papa rellena, a potato filled with meat; there's no need for further explanation; you should try this with the delicious guacamole and pico de gallo.
Some menu highlights are taco macho, chorreada, papa rellena, and sirloin.

Tacos El ahorcado - San Jose del Cabo
"The hangman" is the translation for its name; you only have to be outside to see why they gave it. With a peculiar-antique decoration for a taqueria, a rooftop, live music, and a wide variety of toppings, this is one of the hidden gems of San Jose.
Some menu highlights are chicharron tacos, veggie options, and quesadillas.

There are many taco options in Los Cabos, and all of them are great for having the authentic Mexican experience of tacos.
I encourage you to try as many taquerias as possible, choose a favorite one, and share your reviews with us.