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The Art Walk San Jose Del Cabo near Marquis Los Cabos at night

San Jose Del Cabo Gourmet Guide

Author: Erick San Luis

Dine & Lounge at Los Cabos Historic Heart

Become a local foodie with our guide to dine and lounge at San Jose del Cabo.

San Jose del Cabo is a delicious culinary landscape for those who love authentic Mexican food and beverages and those who want to try new specialties due to the cultural mix that Los Cabos has experienced since the beginning. We have prepared a quick guide to dine and lounge in Los Cabos' historic heart.


In Los Cabos, food is as fresh as it gets. Farms in the rural areas near the main bustling hubs of Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo provide fresh ingredients for many of the best resorts and restaurants in the area. Farm-to-table dining establishments offer a stimulating way to savor Baja California cuisine, as ingredients sourced from local farms provide an ideal opportunity to experience the spirit of the countryside. Places like Flora Farms, Acre, and Los Tamarindos even organize cooking classes to educate patrons about the meats and vegetables that go into artfully making authentic Mexican meals.


Because food is only half of a gastronomical experience, we celebrate the Baja lifestyle with a cool, refreshing beer in hand on the beach. Thankfully, Los Cabos doesn’t lack in the department of bars, breweries, and nightclubs as the nightlife lasts around the clock. So check out Baja Brewing Company for a local beer, stop in at Nomada Bar de Origen for a taste of Mexican distilled liquors, or saunter into Dalton Gin Bar for a signature gin cocktail featuring tranquil views to the downtown district.


Fine dining thrives in Los Cabos, as Michelin-starred restaurants propose enticing menus that garner inspiration from varied traditions, including Japanese, Peruvian, French, Italian, and Mexican, among so many others. Canto del Mar at Marquis Los Cabos* the resort’s signature restaurant, and a fine purveyor in Los Cabos of French cuisine with a local touch It serves a prix-fixe, four-course menu featuring gourmet French cuisine under the helm of Maître Cuisinier de France Executive Chef Thierry DuFour. 


*Due to health and safety regulations, Canto del Mar is not currently available to external guests.

Our team firmly believes that dining should be an adventure for all the senses – a celebration of fresh, seasonal flavors in an atmosphere of warmth and conviviality. We invite you to explore the exciting culinary scene in Los Cabos. -E.S.