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Plan the Ultimate Bachelor Party: Our Expert Tells You How

Author: LEA

With over two hundred events under her belt, our Weddings & Events Manager, Mariana Martinez, shares all you need to know about hosting such an event.

We love weddings, and celebrating them on our property is an experience that those who have lived it can attest to. But while this is a stellar event for us, there's another unique experience you can only enjoy with us: a bachelor party.

The groom-centric event is the most special moment before the wedding, but first things first: what is a bachelor party? It's a celebration in honor of a man's upcoming marriage, usually attended by his closest friends and family. Depending on the groom's style, bachelor parties can range from a relaxed beach weekend with close friends to a day filled with fun, drinks, golf, or even a fishing trip.

Bachelor parties traditionally don't have the best reputation," says Mariana Martinez, our expert in weddings and celebrations of this kind. "But that's not entirely true. A celebration is always about having fun, and if it's for a loving reason like a wedding, bachelor parties can be organized in a way that they become unforgettable events for all attendees. Bachelor parties are an opportunity for the groom to gather with his closest friends, bid farewell to single life, and start a new chapter, having one last night with the people who belong to his inner circle. Here's what you need to know to plan a Marquis Los Cabos-style bachelor party; in other words, a perfect one.

When Should You Have a Bachelor Party?

Although it depends on the person who is celebrating and the best man, our expert says it should happen at any time before the wedding. Emphasize the convenience of celebrating it at least three months prior and having the bride and groom's celebrations at the same time but separately. This way, the couple can have similar yet distinct experiences to share later. In the case of celebrating it at a destination like ours, it's good to plan it at least six months in advance, understanding the attendees' needs and ensuring all reservations and itineraries are in place for the groom's guests to have a complete experience.

Who Organizes a Bachelor Party?

Traditionally, the best man or closest friends organize bachelor parties, but there are no rules against the groom planning his own, which is quite common when choosing our destination for their wedding. If you're considering it, get in touch with your wedding manager, and together, you can handle all the details to make it happen. If you want to learn more about our bachelor parties, you can do so here.

Choose a Location

Deciding the vibe you want to experience is the first step in organizing your bachelor party. This will not only give you an idea of where to host it but also what activities you can do. For example, Los Cabos, in conjunction with our all-inclusive experience, can offer activities such as golf, fishing, motorcycle rides, or sailing afternoons.

Book Accommodation

For bachelor parties that require air travel, which is the case for most of the ones we organize here at Marquis, Mariana recommends choosing a place that ensures your basic accommodation, food, and beverage needs are covered in advance. This way, you can focus not only on having fun but also on adding experiences to your days or addressing other technical aspects such as transportation.

In general, as our expert mentions, there are no established rules for a bachelor party. The only thing to consider is the place where you'll celebrate it; it will set the ambiance and style you want to give it. So, if you want something comfortable, elegant, and fun: we await you at Marquis