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Travel as one of your top priorities in 2023

Author: Mauricio Hernandez

Taking care of yourself should always be a priority, is there a better way to take care of yourself than traveling?


Much of the world has slowly but steadily continued to reopen its doors to visitors. This trend is expected to continue in 2023; this is excellent news for everyone. With the confidence this positive expectation toward 2023 has brought, it is a good time for you to start planning your travel options next year. In case you doubt whether or not to pack your bags into an adventure, here we break down some of the main reasons why you should travel this coming 2023.


Look after you.

Although this year was tense and chaotic, some even said it felt like the worst year in the entire century. The vast majority of us are still optimistic and were able to keep ourselves healthy and sane. If you need an excellent restart or a break from all that the world has thrown at us in 2022, escaping to vacation will be the best reward you can give yourself to heal and start over. 

Stress and anxiety caused by all of what is currently happening worldwide impact our health in one way or another. Believe it or not, it is for this reason that vacations in nature have become a popular choice for those seeking to relieve the anxiety that everyday life causes. It has been proven that even a small trip to nature now and then can significantly increase our well-being and improve our mood. With that in mind, at least one getaway by the beach should be on your wish list for next year.


It is in our nature to discover and adventure into the unknown.

One interesting fact about humanity is that we have been curious and adventurous since our earlier days as a species. This is why we have this ancestral need for traveling and discovering new places. It is our nature to seek and discover places, learn, and know about all around us. This is the excuse you were looking for to ensure you take advantage of the chance to travel this coming year. Although everything has been discovered by now, some places are still intact and much closer than you may think.


You will not be the same.

As we learn and discover, we also grow. Our minds and brains change with every new place we visit. No matter the size of the site, going and seeing a new one will change you forever, so we encourage you to visit Cabo in 2023. With a breathtaking landscape, incredible and elevated cuisine, and a record in hospitality, Cabo has become a dream come true for those seeking relaxation and relief from life. 

In Marquis Los Cabos, we have prepared something special for you to enjoy an unforgettable experience in Los Cabos. Wales arrive in Cabo on their annual journey to breed between December and April. Do not miss the chance to live this unique experience. Come and find the peace you are looking for and pursue that goal for this coming year.