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Splendid aerial view of the Marquis Los Cabos with the ocean

Our Responsibility to Paradise

Author: Mauricio Hernandez

Taking care of Mother Nature while we take care of you

We are contributing to preserving natural resources through eco-friendly practices.

Because there is no planet B for now, we want to take care of the planet we currently have. Doing business nowadays requires an additional effort to ensure that an impact on the environment it’s minimal or nonexistent. This is why we rely on eco-friendly practices that ensure we contribute to preserving natural resources and avoiding their contamination.

A clean and reliable source of water

Baja California Sur is a desert, and water is scarce and limited; this means that to fill our demands, we turned to the ocean for a solution. Currently, 100% of the freshwater we use in our facilities comes from a desalinization plant in our hotel. This plant cleans and filters ocean water and makes it pure and drinkable. Since we open our doors, we do not rely on the local grid to obtain fresh water. Our hotel is self-sufficient on this valuable and indispensable resource.

Every drop counts

This desalinization process is efficient and reliable. However, it takes a lot of energy. To take advantage of every ounce of clean water produced, we also treat and re-use all the wastewater and turn it into clean water on two treatment plans built within our property. Although treated water is harmless, we use this water only for secondary activities like washing the parking lot, halls, walls, or the back of the house. We also use some of this water for our irrigation system on our gardens and trees.

Protecting the local fauna

One practice that we consistently do is protect the local fauna. Each year thousands of turtles return to Los Cabos shores to lay their eggs. Unfortunately, during this process, they are vulnerable and exposed. Due to the increasing activity in the region, a cause of tourism and over-population, turtles are at risk of declining numbers. However, we took the responsibility to look after these turtles, and we have taken this task seriously. Along with the Sea Turtle Protection Network, we have implemented protocols to identify a turtle nest, collect data and ensure the protection of these nests located sometimes on our doorsteps. We also work with properties in the vicinity to ensure that not a single egg is lost. Collaborating with the authorities, we make sure baby turtles return to the sea where they belong.

Little by little

Among the many things we encourage and do to protect the environment and minimize our carbon footprint, we are delighted with our energy program throughout the seasons. This program has been designed to ensure electricity is used well and as efficiently as possible. In addition to that, our hotel's illumination is done mostly by led lights that consume up to 75% less energy than conventional lightbulbs. Another major concern is also the waste generated by our daily operation. For this, we partnered with a business that turns our used cooking oil into fuel.

We love to create memorable experiences for our guests, and we serve with the highest standards of quality. We do so by also taking care of our world. This is the only home we have, and it needs us more than ever before. By doing these small changes one at a time, we are working towards a future that will ensure our destination remains a favorite among tourists worldwide while promoting and practicing green and ecological tourism. -Mauricio Hernandez