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The 7 steps of the Global Wellness Day Manifesto

Author: AN

The Global Wellness is a social project dedicated to the well-living, every year on the second Saturday of June we come together to promote well being.

On June 11th, 2022, Global Wellness Day is celebrated around the globe with the solemn purpose of growing consciousness about a healthy life, both physically and spiritually. They have created The Seven Step Manifesto, a series of rules that everyone can follow with no hard extra work or spending any penny on it.


1.- Walk For an Hour

Everybody knows exercise is a must for a healthy life. Just a little walk for an hour will sharpen your muscles and generate endorphins; this will help keep you in shape. You can always use this walk for introspection or just enjoy the walk listening to music


2.- Drink More Water

Have you listened to the quote "water is life"? Give life to your body!

Our body is 60% water; we need to constantly drink the proper amount of water. It is the easiest thing to do. Drink more water. Carry a bottle with you or download any app to remind you to drink more.


3.- Don't Use Plastic Bottles

Plastic does a lot of damage to the earth and your body. Even recycled bottles have adverse outcomes as they use cheap plastic. Change plastic for glass, and you will find out that everything tastes better with no plastic.


4.- Eat Healthy Food

It will help if you improve your eating habits. Look for more organic products, try no meat once a week, add vegetables to every meal, and reduce sugar and wheat products. A tip is to look for the Nutrition Fact Label and choose the one that looks better for you.


5.- Do a good deed

Always do good, and good things will come. Help someone on a tiny task, hear someone who needs it, and smile. Any good act will improve your day and always come back to you in another shape. Do good without expecting to be rewarded; if you act from heart universe will pay you with the same coin.


6.- Have a Family Dinner

A dinner with your loved ones always has good outcomes, laughs, love, delicious food, exciting stories, and life advice, and it always fills our hearts with joy to see and hear that our loved ones are doing well.


7.- Sleep at 10

Sleep is a critical process; we need to learn how to sleep correctly, as this process heals our body and mind. Try to sleep at ten at least once a week; you will wake up earlier, fresher, and with no rush. Improving the quality of the first 3 hours of your day will drastically improve your whole day.


Following this manifesto will improve your life wellness. If you focus only on the final goal, this will look like a challenging road. Focus on your next step. Small actions make great differences.