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Closeup of a sculpture at Marquis Los Cabos

Becoming an Art Connoisseur in Cabo

Author: AN

Culture meets the Sea

Immerse yourself in Los Cabos' artistic scene, with its regional and international influences. You will fall in love with the bohemian side of our vibrant destination.

In Los Cabos, the experiences do not limit sunbathing on the beach and relaxing in Marquis Los Cabos infinity pools. If you are looking for a cultural trip, you have come to the right place. Los Cabos has become a destination where you can come to nourish your heart with music, art, and culture. For those artsy souls, we have prepared a guide to becoming an art connoisseur.

"Art doesn't change anything; art changes you." - David Lynch.


Thanks to a wide array of art styles, colors, and artist nationalities, San Jose del Cabo's art galleries have something that catches everyone's eye. Whether you lean towards contemporary, minimalist, or abstract art, we are certain that there is a piece in the art district that will resonate with you, giving you the answers to questions you are yet to ask.

Our top recommendations are Casa Dahlia Gallery, Patricia Mendoza Art Gallery, and Ivan Guaderrama Art Gallery.


Every Thursday from November to June, the Art Walk comes to downtown San Jose del Cabo. During this date, streets with colorful scenery, food, and art are the main courses. Taste the hundreds of snacks and drinks or choose to meet and talk to local artists about their work—a must for anyone who wants to get to know the heart of Los Cabos. 

Now you have a list of what you can start with to become an art connoisseur in Los Cabos; remember that for art to exist, it needs someone who can interpret it, so, we tell you, for all this to happen, we need you to be here, we are waiting for you.


With a background full of culture and mockery of today's society, this "new" type of cultural event conveys many messages through laughter. It explores disciplines such as sociology, biology, psychology, and everyday topics with a comic twist that you will feel identified with and give you a new and fresh perspective on relevant topics.


The 7th art has an extraordinary place in Los Cabos thanks to the presence of its well-known film festival. A cultural exchange thanks to the diversity of independent directors, who present many films that will soon release to the public. Enjoy its panels of debate and reflection on current issues related to the film industry.

We invite you to embrace Los Cabos' endemic traditions and international influences to grow as a music, art, and culture hub. -A.N