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We create memorable experiences via a wellness concept focused on the senses and combining the anima, corpus et mente (soul, body, and mind). Reconnect with your inner self. Feel the comforting harmony of the desert and the reinvigorating energy of the restless waters of the Sea of Cortez.

All our treatments use natural products and are given by experienced masseurs. Get to know our Signature Treatments (marked as ST) and start pampering yourself!

  • Ritual

    80 min.

    $243 USD

    Enjoy a full body hindu massage using Ayurveda techniques. This treatment pacifies the doshas and relieves fatigue, providing stamina, pleasure, and perfect sleep. It enhances the complexion and the luster of the skin.


    80 min.

    $255 USD

    Experience a healing cleansing ritual. Purify your body through the sweating caused by the medicinal herbs masterfully used by our Mayan ancestors.

    Diamond Well-Living Experience

    30, 60 or 90 min

    $116, $210 or $238 USD

    Personalize your treatment and transform your mood. Choose from a variety of oils and a custom-made ritual. For more info contact

  • Anima
  • Marquis For You - ST

    25, 50 & 80 min

    $116, $205 & $232 USD

    Our Signature Massage completely personalizes your experience. Select one or more of the following universal techniques to combine and create a tailor-made treatment to relax, energize or stretch the body.


    25, 50 & 80 min

    $116, $205 & $232 USD

    Achieve a deep state of relaxation as your therapist performs effective techniques to help you de-stress and fully unwind.

    Deep Tissue

    25, 50 & 80 min

    $116, $205 & $232 USD

    Allow your therapist to release you from tension as they focus on removing your muscle knots to achieve full relief.


    25, 50 & 80 min

    $116, $205 & $232 USD

    Awaken your senses with this technique based on essential oils that your therapist places on key points of your body to harmonize, relax and drain toxins.

    Sports Massage

    25, 50 & 80 min

    $116, $205 & $232 USD

    Ideal for people a physically demanding lifestyle. Your therapist will focus on muscle groups that suffer from heavy impact.

    Back, Neck & Shoulders

    25, 50 & 80 min

    $116, $205 & $232 USD

    Embrace relaxation as your therapist focuses on the areas that commonly retain the most stress and tension

    Mom to be

    25 & 50 min

    $138 & $205 USD

    A treatment specifically created for future mothers. Harmonize with your baby and release the stress accumulated on your legs and back, draining excess water in the process.


    25 & 50 min

    $138 & $205 USD

    Detox your body with this wonderful technique to pressure points on the hands, feet, and head; known as "reflexology". Excellent benefits against stress, restoring the vitality of the body.

    Perfect Balance

    80 min

    $265 USD

    Get a perfect balance of the body through a massage of hot stones placed on specific points of the body that open and close your chakras,
    renewing the spirit.

    Massage in the Air - Four-hand massage

    50 min

    $261 USD

    Two massage therapists work on your body to soothe tired muscles and release tension. With a four hands massage, you lose your point of reference and are completely immersed in a state of deep relaxation.

  • Corpus

    80 min

    $277 USD

    Wrap yourself in this revitalizing procedure that intensely nourishes your skin. A micro-granulated exfoliating emulsion softens the skin, revealing a smooth texture and enhancing your natural glow.


    25 & 50 min

    $121 & $194 USD

    Reveal your radiant skin and boost your natural glow with natural exfoliating agents. Select your preferred aroma between noni, coconut or guava.

    Skin Sunrise Body Treatment

    25 & 50 min

    $121 & $194 USD

    Drench your skin with the antioxidant power of vitamin C. This nutrient-rich treatment engages the senses, stimulates the production of collagen, reduces inflammation, and intensely hydrates.

    Tropical Escape

    80 min

    $216 USD

    Rejuvenate your body with a perfect anti-age mix enriched with calcium, vitamin A, and pomegranate extract.

    Seaweed Detox

    80 min

    $216 USD

    Get the benefits of this natural gift, which detoxifies and mineralizes your body inviting the stress to leave your body leaving you a sense of wellbeing.

  • Mente
  • Diamond Experience Energy Facial - ST

    80 min


    Boost your face with this energetic treatment designed to release the skin from environmental stress and DNA damage. It improves the definition of your facial contour, and it dramatically restores elasticity, skin texture, and tone.

    3D Collagen Shock Facial - ST

    80 min

    $283 USD

    Sculpt the contours of your face with a great regenerating power thanks to a triple infusion: collagen, efficacy and firmness. Define the contours of your face and improve skin density through hydration. It is the ultimate redefining facial!

    Skin Sunrise Facial

    50 min

    $216 USD

    Vitamin C to remove the damage created by sun exposure. Nourish your skin and restore firmness, elasticity and stimulates collagen production.

    Silken Skin Facial

    50 min

    $216 USD

    Repair and decongest your skin with the healing power of phytoextracts. Our therapists recommend this facial for sensitive or rosaceous skin.

    The O² Relax

    50 min

    $216 USD

    Awaken your skin with the revitalizing energy of pure oxygen to decongest, brighten and clarify a dull complexion. Perfect for the frequent flier and urbanites whose skin suffers from everyday aggressors.

    The Cure

    25, 50 & 80 min

    $138, $216 & $250 USD

    Bring out our radiant beauty with a deep cleansing treatment design to purify your face's skin. A facial extraction and a ground-breaking nano-stimulating mask with enzymes close your pores and provide a soft finish.


    80 min

    $283 USD

    An antioxidant treatment combining a mini facial followed by an exquisite massage accompanied by aromatherapy to revitalize your skin, reduce fatigue and stress.

    Perfect Eyes

    25 min

    $50 USD

    Compliment any facial with a refreshing eye mask that includes a cocktail of relaxing and revitalizing active ingredients that will energize this delicate area.

  • Packages
  • Respiro Marquis

    25 + 80 min

    $290 USD

    Body Exfoliation - 25 Min
    Perfect Balance - 80 Min

    Cam Package

    80 + 25 + 20 min

    $321 USD

    Diamond Energy - 80 Min
    Marquis for you - 25 Min
    Polish change hands or foot - 20 Min

    Vitality Package

    50 + 25 + 25 min

    $272 USD

    Healing - 50 Min
    Manicure - 25 Min
    Pedicure - 25 Min

    Express Package

    25 + 25 + 25 min

    $265 USD

    Exfoliation - 25 Min
    Massage - 25 Min
    Mini Facial - 25 Min

    ROYAL PACKAGE (couples)

    45 & 45 min


    2 Citrus Massage - 45 Min
    2 Citrus Body Treatment Exfoliation - 45 Min

    Discover Wellness

    High angle view of the spa infinity pool at Marquis Los Cabos


    Pamper your soul with our relaxing massages. Massage therapy regenerates and activates your inner power centers so that energy flows.

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    Indulge your skin with our nurturing body wraps. These treatments reveal glowing skin, revitalize energy, and melt away stress.

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    Elevate your state of mind through our nourishing facial treatments

    Experiences for Everyone

    Dare to reconnect with your inner self and discover the benefits of indulging in our spa treatments.

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