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Happy young couple on sunset curies near Marquis Los Cabos

Tours for a Friends Getaway

Author: Alejandro Navarro

All Aboard, Amigos!

Discover our selection of the thrilling activities Cabo offers to your crew and you, from desert safaris to ocean odysseys.

Los Cabos is a versatile destination that allows you to lie on a beach bed and snooze off to the sound of the waves or experience a local tour adventure. We recommend five activities to reconnect with nature and contemplate incredible sceneries for those well-rested from your all-inclusive experience or who have an adventurous spirit.

Luxury Yacht

Experience luxury and relaxation in a variety of sailing yachts. With smooth sailing, comfort, and modern facilities, this signature Cabo activity allows you to explore the stunning waters of Los Cabos in style. Cruise past the famous Cabo Arch, the Lover's Beach, and the always bustling sea lion colonies. 

Deep-sea Fishing

The waters on Baja California Sur are a well know destiny for sports fishing. Blue and black marlin, tuna, and wahoo are some of the prized catches you can find in Cabo. Visitors worldwide come to these legendary waters to enjoy this activity on a well-equipped boat with expert guides and gear to give you the advantage. 

Off-Road Aventures

If you enjoy getting behind the wheel, you will be thrilled on an ATV or Razer tour. Ride along the desert landscape, and if you get lucky, you can spot the local fauna, like desert squirrels, lizards, snakes, and all kinds of birds.

Diving in the Aquarium of the World

Known as the aquarium of the world by Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the Sea of Cortez is home to an immense variety of marine wildlife. You do not need any professional equipment; there are a variety of diving tours with gear included. There is nothing more exciting than swimming side by side with sea lions or hundreds of colorful-looking fish.

Riding the waves

Suppose you want nothing but to be at the ocean every minute, enjoying a fast-paced adventure. In that case, the jet ski activities around Medano Beach will fuel you as you ride the waves fast & furiously.


Once you have confirmed your reservation at Marquis Los Cabos, our Activities Concierges will be glad to share the pricing and availability of the limitless adventure possibilities around the resort.



After venturing around Cabo, we are sure you will wish to stay just a bit longer to explore some more. We suggest coming back as one visit is not enough. In the meantime, start planning your next Baja adventure. -A.N.