About Us

MARQUIS LOS CABOS is part of the Marquis Hotels family, three generations have shared ideas and created an ambiance defined by its Mexican hospitality, where each Guest and Employee enjoys life, work, business & leisure. Above all, we have set a unique example in the Luxury industry.

Marquis Hotel is a “Home” away from home rather than a Hotel. We strive to give the best personalized service and attention to detail. For us everything is important, your emotions, your feelings, especially anything we can do to make your stay a more pleasant one. With that same philosophy, we talk with our Employees and through their passion for details, they enhance every Guest’s experience.

The Architecture and décor represent the destination where each hotel is located. Marquis Los Cabos features its lobby as the famous Arch of Los Cabos, Marquis Reforma feature the Aztec God statues as their ancestors and heart of Mexico City.  

Marquis Hotels area a dream come true and we are very proud to share this with all of our Guests.

To sum up, I would like to explain how and why we chose Marquis as the brand name. Marquis represents the finest cut in a diamond. Very hard to achieve, but when you do, it lasts forever. Obviously now, there are several “Marquis” in the world, we do not really know who came first, what we do know is that we conceptualized the idea without knowing it existed and to us what matters is the meaning and the reason of the choice.


Where passion for details, attention to service and excellence is a must. We are dedicated to surpassing our guests’ expectations and are a member of the reknown organization of The Leading Hotels of the World ®: Adding extra touches such as a “Five Star Diamonds of the American Academy of Hospitality and Science” restaurant, one of the largest Spas in Latin America offering signature treatments, a Clefs-d’Or Concierge and Golf Pro. Marquis Los Cabos emerges as a new standard-bearer of the royal treatment in Mexico. No wonder the Signature Angel statues can be seen around the hotel—they have found paradise!